Sunni is a young talented musician from the Gold Coast, Australia. His handpan music captured the hearts of millions at the tender age of 10. Unaware of the transformative path his handpan melodies would pave, Sunni now 12yrs old is more than a promising musician, he is one of the most followed handpan players globally. His debut album ‘Germination’ reached No.2 in iTunes world music. He has been featured amongst some of the worlds best handpan players and percussionists with his release ‘Germinating Growth’ chosen by Future Rust Records for their compilation ‘The End of The Beginning’.  Follow Sunni for a truly magical musical journey, one that is still just beginning! 

Meet Sunni

Sunni exhibited percussive talent form a young age, however it wasn’t until he discovered the mystical instrument the handpan, that his musical journey really took flight!  Within weeks he had won music awards, began performing on stages across the country and was endorsed by multiple drum and handpan makers. Sunni is more than a promising musician, he’s an inspiration to the world, who continues to open the hearts of millions with the unique musical experience he shares.

‘From the moment I first touched a handpan it struck a chord like no other instrument. I can hear its melody and feel its rhythm, I’m alive within its delicate sound. It brings me joy to share my music with you, I truly aspire to brighten your world.’ Sunni 🔆


Listen below to some of Sunni’s music uploaded to YouTube. His first album release is out now! Please subscribe for the latest updates.

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